George H.V. Cecil Honors Awards

nature-768606_1280The George H.V. Cecil Honors Awards (formerly WNC Honors Awards) are built on 71 years of history recognizing the achievements of organized communities for their work on behalf of their residents.

The George H.V. Cecil Honors Awards Program is an opportunity for community clubs across the mountains to come together to celebrate and receive recognition and cash awards for the work they have accomplished during the year.

Every year communities are given the opportunity to complete a George H.V. Cecil Honors Application and mail or email with supporting materials to the office by early-September to participate in the Honors Awards Program.

To be eligible, a community must be formally organized with a president and other officers working together to improve the quality of life for all residents.  An organized community is defined as a broad range of community residents engaged in various programs that have an impact on families, seniors and youth.

The George H.V. Cecil Honors Awards application enables WNC Communities to review best practices, community programs and initiatives from county to county.  Best practices are compiled to share ideas with all the communities throughout Western North Carolina.

If your community is located in the mountains of North Carolina and would like to be a part of the George H.V. Cecil Honors Awards contact our office at (828) 252-4783 to receive an application. The applications are available by July and are due to our office in early-September. Communities that submit an application will receive recognition and a cash award.