WNC Agricultural Hall of Fame

The WNC Ag Hall of Fame was started in 1991 by the Western North Carolina Community Development Association, which is now WNC Communities. The Ag Hall of Fame moved to its new location at the WNC Agricultural Center in 2022. Annual nominations and the ceremony are coordinated by WNC Communities.

Objectives of the Ag Hall of Fame

To identify and honor significant contributions to agriculture

To recognize individuals who have been responsible for agricultural advancement

To improve and promote agriculture as a result of the honorees' work within the agricultural community in any phase of agriculture and related endeavors

WNC Agricultural Hall of Fame Members

2023 – Kenny Barnwell, Carol Coulter

2022 – Greg Hoyt, Dennis Niemeyer

2020 – Terry Rogers, Steve Troxler

2019 – Theron Larnce Maybin Sr., L.T. Ward

2018 – Michael R. Corn, William A. “Bill” Holbrook

2017 – William Waightstill Avery, Charlie Jackson

2016 –  John M. Queen III, Don R. Smart

2015 – William “Bill” C. Parton, Dr. Walter A. Skroch

2014 – Kenneth Reeves, C.R. “Dick” Unrath

2013 – Roger Hyatt, David Lee

2012 – D. Layten Davis, Gwyn Brantley Price

2011 – William H. “Bill” Teague, Bill Yarborough

2010 – Ronald Ray Lamb, Charles Ziegler

2009 – Linda Ford, Thomas Thrash

2008 – Neal Stamey, Jerry Sutton

2007 – John Dale “JD” Brooks, Albert Plemmons

2006 – Robert Shipley, Paul Shoemaker

2005 – Bill Edmondson, Bud Sales

2004 – Albert Clark, Wilburn Collins

2003 – William Aldridge, Patricia Brinkley

2002 – Sam Cartner, James Edwards

2001 – Richard Jennings, Ernst Laursen

2000 – William Enloe, Robert Lyday

1999 – David Burnette, Randy Gardner

1998 – Jacob Grigg, Evelyn Hill

1997 – George Cecil, Kenneth Perry, Liston Ramsey

1996 – B.F. Nesbitt, James Shelton

1995 – J.D. Cooley, Charles Francis

1994 – Dwight Bennett, Harley Blackwell, James Graham

1993 – S.E. Johnston, Charles Messer, Reeves Noland, Harry Silver, John Veach

1992 – Theodore Bullington, Robert Phillips, Dr. Carl Schenck

1991 – Richard Barber, Clayton Davis, Thomas Konsler, Morris “Mac” McGough, Clyde Osborne, Denver Robinson, George Vanderbilt, E.J. Whitmire