WNC Honors Levels

In 2021, WNC Communities established new Honors Levels to help community center leaders both understand and self-assess the foundations of being a strong nonprofit and service provider for their community residents.  Their purpose is to educate and encourage leaders to help their clubs be stable and successful over the long term.

In their applications, communities demonstrate they have developed competencies at one of four levels of increasing sophistication and community impact: Trillium, Mountain Laurel, Redbud, or White Oak.

Image of a white trillium flower
Close-up photo of a cluster of pink flowers
Image of a redbud tree against a blue sky
White oak tree in a field

These levels become the basis for identifying targeted assistance to communities in the WNC Honors Program to build their capacity to improve the Social Determinants of Health. The long term aim is to help them move the needle on Education Access & Quality, Economic Stability, Community Well-being, Environmental Stewardship and Health Access.  Each community is evaluated by the Honors Committee across six areas of competency to determine their level: Good Governance, Leadership Excellence, Financial Stewardship, Volunteer Recruitment and Retention, Community Programs, and Collaboration.  

The Honors Levels are also the basis for celebrating accomplishments and best practices.  At the annual WNC Honors Awards, communities compete with others at the same level for Best in Class recognition and cash awards.

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