Community is at the heart of what we do.

WNC Communities maintains a widespread network of community centers across twenty counties through the WNC Honors Program. There are currently over sixty active communities in our membership. 

These community centers work at a grassroots level with local volunteers to identify needs within their area and organize programs to serve their neighbors. They provide their communities access to vital services such as:


  • Food pantries and programs for low income, elderly, shut-ins, and others in need,
  • Health support such as fitness trails and classes, sports facilities, Medicaid/Medicare sign ups, telehealth, and on-site clinics,
  • Opportunities to build social bonds and have family fun such as dances, musical events, festivals, holiday celebrations, dinners, and game nights,
  • Affordable rental spaces for family gatherings and business start ups,
  • And much more!
The WNC Honors Program gives community centers the opportunity to grow and learn through development seminars hosted by WNC Communities, regional convenings, peer learning, collaborative programming with partners, and grants.

These grants are given out annually to all our members at the WNC Honors Awards, a tradition that has been going for over 70 years. Each year, communities apply and are evaluated on their level of accomplishment across six categories: Good Governance, Leadership Excellence, Financial Stewardship, Volunteering, Community Programs, and Collaboration.

Based on their accomplishments, they are awarded an Honors Level, and then compete for “Best in Class” at each Level to win additional cash prizes. 

Being an active member of the WNC Honors Program also makes communities eligible to participate in the George H.V. Cecil Journey Scholarship, which is available exclusively to high school seniors who live in or participate with an active WNC Honors Program community. 

To find out how to become a member of the WNC Honors Program, please contact

Photos: Crab Creek Community Center Trunk or Treat, Shiloh Community Association Free Market Day, Holly Springs Community Development Club Meals on Wheels, Leicester Community Center volunteers distributing meals, Snowbird Community Club, Brasstown Community Civic Center painting social. 

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