Congratulations to Mountain Cattle Alliance

WNC Communities is pleased to announce that the Mountain Cattle Alliance (MCA) has advanced from a program under the control of WNC Communities and has become an independent affiliate. In that capacity, they are awarded autonomy with the freedom to serve their members under membership control.

More importantly, this independence allows MCA to have free access to the market and allows them to choose whomever they wish to sell their cattle. In that regard, after thorough vetting, MCA has selected WNCLEX , operated by Steven and Melissa Matthews, as their marketing outlet.

Under a restructuring exercise, MCA has clarified their membership criteria to only include producers who qualify under BQA certification, who are committed to market under the MCA protocol and who participate in the organized video sales events. Qualified participants become MCA members with the privilege of voting on organizational policy and practices and the election of officers and steering committee members.

We are pleased to recognize MCA as an affiliate and will continue to encourage their autonomous operation. We will follow the progress through our Beef Cattle Commission, who gave birth to the association some 12 years ago.

Congratulations to the leadership and steering committee for becoming an independent entity.
If you have any questions, please contact Jim Ledford, MCA Steering Committee Chairman.