Assemblies 2011-2012

WNC Communities hosts Regional, Agricultural and Community Assemblies that provide area leaders with a means of identifying common issues, exchanging best practices, networking and sharing educational information within our region.

May 2012: 1st Anniversary Celebration of the WNC Regional Livestock Center

August 2011:  Community Best Practices Assemblies

Presentations from:
Bethel on Saving the Farm and More
Big Ivy on Preserving the Natural Resources and Heritage of Your Community
Ox Creek on Scrapbook Preservation

May 2011:  WNC Regional Livestock Center Grand Opening Celebration

April 2011:  Volunteerism: Learn how to generate a shared purpose and greater involvement in community. This was our first session held via Elluminate hosted by NCSU Cooperative Extension Offices & WNC Communities with guest speaker Vaughn Grisham from the McLean Institute

March 2011:  First Sale at the WNC Regional Livestock Center


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