Introducing New Hemlock Restoration Initiative Coordinator

WNC Communities is delighted to announce Margot Wallston as the new Hemlock Restoration Initiative Coordinator.  Margot is coming into this position with a background in land conservation, plant ecology, outdoor and environmental education, and experiential learning. Based out of Asheville, NC, she has worked for the Carolina Vegetation Survey, the Southern Appalachian Highlands Conservancy, The American Chestnut Foundation, the National Environmental Modeling and Analysis Center, and the Outdoor Academy of the Southern Appalachians. Her interest in the plight of the hemlocks has been woven into each of those previous work experiences, and she is looking forward to working together on shared goals to restore health and vitality to our hemlock populations and the ecosystems they impact.  You can contact Margot at  For more information about the Hemlock Restoration Initiative go to